Car Charger GPS Tracker

Car chargers are car chargers that are routinely powered through the car battery and are used in large numbers in the field of charging lithium batteries for various portable and handheld devices. Car charger GPS trackers are installed on car chargers and use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to determine the precise location of the vehicle and send this data to a central server or mobile application so that the user can check the location and movement of the vehicle at any time. Daovay offers a car charger with vehicle GPS tracking function. This car charger tracking device, from the appearance, is generally the same as the car chargers in the market, but it is a vehicle tracking and positioning device with powerful functions.

Car charger GPS tracker for sale

With car charger GPS trackers, asset management companies or vehicle owners can track the location and movement of their vehicles at any time to more easily manage their vehicles, prevent theft and abuse, and monitor driver behavior and route selection. In addition, many car charger trackers have other useful features, such as recording vehicle driving history, mileage, fuel consumption and other information, and providing reports and analysis.

Product Features of usb car charger gps tracker

  • Portable and ready to change vehicles for use. Designed to be stealthy, it is both a car charger and provides GPS location tracking of the vehicle.

  • The ability to charge the device through the vehicle charger, without the need for external power supply. There are two USB ports that can charge your phone and also, meet other powered uses.

  • High-precision GPS positioning system, which can accurately obtain the vehicle location and travel trajectory.

  • Able to realize remote real-time monitoring and management, allowing vehicle owners to keep track of the vehicle's condition.

  • With a variety of safety and protection functions, such as SOS alarm, electronic fence, etc.

Parameter table

Model: WL1 WL2
Size:  4*2.5*7.5cm 82.9*49.5*36mm
Weight: 45.5g 43.2g
Color: Black
Network standard: 2G 4G
GPS accuracy:  < =5m
Working voltage:  DC9-100v
Positioning mode:  GSM, GPS, GPRS, LBS, Beidou, real-time positioning
Band: 2G Band 4G Band

For gps tracker car charger parameter table have any questions can always contact us to get the latest data and more service support!

Function of car charger GPS tracker

  • Remote monitoring: After installing the telephone communication card, you can clearly listen to the sound within 5 meters around the car charger GPS tracker.

  • Accurate positioning: Car charger GPS tracking device can be accurately positioned within 5 meters of error.

  • Anti-theft alarm: multiple security protection, vibration alarm, enhance vehicle security index.

  • Car charger gps vehicle tracking device using cigarette lighter interface power supply, plug and play, convenient and fast.

  • Dual USB interface output for fast data transfer, is an efficient USB car charger GPS tracker

Car charger with gps tracker's product description

Download Car Charger GPS Tracker PDF Brochure

Download Car Cigarette Lighter GPS Tracker PDF Brochure

Car charger GPS tracker advantages

We provide car charger tracker with dual USB ports, which can charge your cell phone at any time. Car charger tracker is compact and does not take up extra space; at the same time, it can help fleet management companies to grasp the vehicle condition in time to prevent vehicle theft or accidents; and it can improve the efficiency of asset tracking and fleet tracking management and reduce operating costs.

Why choose us?

  • Daovay as a professional manufacturer of car charger GPS tracking device, we are able to provide high quality custom USB car charger GPS tracker service. Come and contact us now!

  • We can provide free samples of usb car charger gps tracker.

  • We can provide software system or APP for car charger GPS tracking devices.

Daovay is a professional car charger gps tracker manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide car charger gps vehicle tracker that can meet the precise tracking of small car, trucks, motorcycles and so on, protecting company assets while saving operational costs. If you want to wholesale and customize gps-tracking usb car charger, you can contact us, we already have rich experience as a vehicle GPS tracker service provider can give you better service experience.


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