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IOV Terminal

Motorcycle Smart  Digital Taximeter


  • For driver information management
  • Unit price management
  • Location monitoring
  • Mileage management
  • Cost calculation
  • Vehicle maintenance information management

The IOV(iov internet of vehicle) terminal is an advanced device that enhances the in-vehicle experience by providing a variety of functions and features. with a sleek design and advanced technology, the IOV terminal serves as a central hub for accessing and controlling a variety of multimedia, connectivity and vehicle-related functions. IOV terminals provide a user-friendly interface that typically includes a high-resolution touchscreen display for intuitive interaction and clear visuals. Users can access a variety of entertainment options such as streaming music, video playback and hands-free calling from the comfort of their vehicle. In addition, IOV terminals often support advanced navigation systems with real-time traffic updates, voice navigation and points of interest, ensuring drivers can easily find their destination and navigate efficiently.

IOV (Internet of Vehicles) terminal functions in fleet management:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring: IOV terminals can provide real-time vehicle location, speed and route information via Global Positioning System (GPS) and vehicle sensors. This allows fleet managers to accurately track the location of vehicles and monitor their operational status.
  • Route optimization and navigation: IOV terminals can provide real-time traffic information and intelligent navigation functions to help fleet drivers choose the best route to avoid congestion and delays. This helps improve transportation efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.
  • Alarm and abnormality monitoring: IOV terminals can monitor vehicles for abnormal conditions, such as fault alarms, low fuel levels, etc. In the event of a problem, the system can instantly send an alert to the fleet manager so that appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner.
  • Historical data analysis and reporting: Vehicle data collected by IOV terminals can be analyzed and detailed reports generated on fleet operations and performance. These reports help fleet managers evaluate operational efficiency, fuel consumption, driver performance and other aspects, and provide data-based decision support.

With the application of IOV terminals, fleet managers can monitor vehicle locations in real time, optimize routes, improve driving safety, and effectively manage tasks and scheduling. This helps improve overall fleet operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide higher levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Daovay is a one-stop industrial IoT solution operation service provider. It takes "location" and "temperature" IoT applications as its product business direction, provides integrated software and hardware development and delivery services, and creates a stable and mature IoT-PaaS platform. We provide professional IOV terminals and have a professional service system for the related pre-sales and after-sales, so feel free to choose our products and services!


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