Solar IP68 GPS Locator 4G Digital Fishing Boat Guard Communication And Positioning GPS Device

Model: WS2

Product introduction

  • Solar rechargeable 

  • IP68 waterproof

  • OTA upgrade

  • Adopt 4G full network

  • low power consumption, fast and accurate positioning

  • Factory Direct Sales

  • Free Sample

  • Warranty: 3 years


The role of a fishing boat GPS locator.


1、Vessel travel route tracking, to protect the safety of fishermen: through real-time positioning, track playback function, the management personnel can view the real-time location information and track information of fishing boats through cell phone APP/PC, the first time to track the accurate location of fishing boats.


2、Regulate outgoing and returning time, establish accountability and protect fishery resources: managers can set a security fence area for the outgoing area through the electronic fence, vessels in and out of the fence will receive alarm information the first time, and managers can easily view outgoing and returning time through statistical background, traceability.


3、All-weather real-time remote supervision, to help the development of fishing boat management informationization. The fishing boat GPS locator adopts a rechargeable battery, and solar charging, and there is no power failure in general. Its anti-demolition alarm can prevent fishermen from shutting down/demolishing the locator without permission, falsely reporting locator failure, and fishing on board without permission. The fisheries department can easily realize remote visualization supervision through a cell phone APP/PC terminal to help traditional fishing boat management transformation and upgrade and realize boat networking.


Harging Voltage DC4-6V
Standby Current <3mA
Working Current < 100mA
Color Black
Size 245*125*41mm
Weight 500g
Gps Accuracy <10 meters
Waterproof IP68
Solar Panel Size 132*75*2mm
Positioning Method GPS + LBS +Beidou
Tamperature Range -40 to 85 degree
Back Up Battery 20000mAh
Communication Band 4g version

LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8
LTE TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41



  • Timed positioning and automatic uploading of location data to the online tracking platform.
  • Set parameters via SMS, online tracking platform, and mobile APP.
  • Blind spot compensation no more than 1500.
  • Removal alarm. Through a light sensor and anti-tamper ejector, when the box is unpacked or removed, the removal alarm will be triggered and uploaded to the online tracking platform.
  • SOS Alarm. When the SOS button is pressed for more than 5 seconds, an alarm will be triggered.
  • Capsize alarm. The capsize alarm will be triggered when the GPS device is tilted more than 70 degrees.
  • Restart remotely through an online tracking platform.
  • GEO-Fence Alarm. No more than 50 fences can be set.







Solar charging IoT solution development Suitable for mechanical transportation, container, ship, Gobi beach, and other scenarios

Customer Reviews:

“This GPS is very accurate most of the time, depending on the tracking package you purchase. I placed it under my car and the battery lasted 13 days in temperature near -15 celsius! ,I'm more than satisfied with my purchase, quality/price wise! And don't worry about the strength of the magnet: stays in place no matter how bumpy the drive can be.”

SidAli Guerroudja

“I am going to give this gps top rating, my new electric car was stolen and thanks to this device I was able to find my electric car without the police. The thief also didn't find my gps installation location, the device is still there!.”

Amiin Skin

“Their GPS didn't disappoint me. When I first set up the system, I contacted customer support, who was very helpful, thoughtful and informative. I strongly recommend this company to anyone considering using tracking equipment..”

Medo Alaa


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