Importance of Tire Pressure Sensors

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Data shows that car accidents caused by tire blowouts account for a very high proportion of malignant traffic accidents, reaching more than 70%, and among all factors that can cause tire blowouts, insufficient tire pressure is the primary cause. This is not sensational. Even if you do not choose a car with tire pressure monitoring, you should pay more attention to the vehicle tires to avoid serious damage to people and vehicles.

When the tire pressure is too high, the contact area between the tire and the ground will be reduced. At this time, the pressure on the tire will be relatively increased, and the tire's grip will be affected. In addition, when the vehicle passes through ditches or bumpy roads, there is not enough space in the tires to absorb the vibrations. In addition to affecting the driving stability and ride comfort, it will also increase the impact on the suspension system, which will also cause harm. At the same time, the risk of tire blowout at high temperatures will increase accordingly.


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