4G OBD Gps Tracker With Real Time Car Tracking Gsm Gprs Devices For Car

Model: WOBD2

Product introduction

  • Four-fold accurate positioning: "BDS+GPS+lbs+AGPS

  • Plug and play charging free

  • Precise positioning, grasp vehicle location anytime, anywhere

  • Remote listening to the sound. Automatic recording

  • Newly upgraded GPS positioning chip: stronger satellite signal reception

  • Factory Direct Sales

  • Free Sample

  • Warranty: 3 years

4G OBD GPS Tracker

OBD device integrates a GSM/GPRS module, a high-precision GPS module, and a built-in acceleration sensor. It is a vehicle security smart terminal with wireless communication and GPS positioning. The terminal is plug and play, and it can be installed by itself without professionals. With a dedicated positioning service platform, car owners can easily apply functions such as positioning, vehicle anti-theft, itinerary playback, and remote listening (optional).

4G OBD GPS Tracker Specs

Product Name: GPS Tracker
Model: WOBD2
Size:  1.85*1.10*0.78in
Weight: 32
Color: Black
Network standard: 4G
Built-in battery: 150mAh
Working voltage:  DC9-24v
Positioning mode: 


  2G band: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66 

4G OBD GPS Tracker Features

  • No installation required: plug and play, no wiring, no charging
  • Electronic fence, vibration alarm, displacement alarm, track playback, position query, curve compensation
  • Accurate positioning: GPRS Remote positioning and obtaining the location of your vehicle.
  • Google map query: support map location query function. Real time vehicle tracking.
  • working mode: support GPRS + SMS mode
  • Alarm reminder: vibration alarm, low battery alarm and overspeed alarm
  • Historical playback: 180 day historical track playback
  • Remote recording and remote listening
  • Applicable interface: OBD interface is 16 pin wood interface, and the interface is ladder shape

4G OBD GPS Tracker Typical Application

The OBD interface installed under the steering wheel can clearly hear any sound in the vehicle

Customer Reviews:

“This GPS is very accurate most of the time, depending on the tracking package you purchase. I placed it under my car and the battery lasted 13 days in temperature near -15 celsius! ,I'm more than satisfied with my purchase, quality/price wise! And don't worry about the strength of the magnet: stays in place no matter how bumpy the drive can be.”

aljrah bdallah

“I am going to give this gps top rating, my new electric car was stolen and thanks to this device I was able to find my electric car without the police. The thief also didn't find my gps installation location, the device is still there!.” (zhanweizhi)

mahmod Guangzhou

“Their GPS didn't disappoint me. When I first set up the system, I contacted customer support, who was very helpful, thoughtful and informative. I strongly recommend this company to anyone considering using tracking equipment..”


Jackson Alves


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