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Product introduction

  • Easy to operate

  • Beautiful and simple interfac

  • Mobile applications for Andriod and IOS phone

  • Stable software use

  • Website access speed is 40% faster than the same industry

  • Factory Direct Sales

  • Free Sample

  • Warranty: 3 years


GPS positioning system is based on GPS and GSM positioning technology of satellite communication, combined with the powerful computing and processing and analysis capabilities of cloud computing to provide users with accurate, stable and efficient positioning management solutions, which supports multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, French, Arabic, etc.


Features Descriptions
Device Add Support Allow you to add devices by yourselves.
Online SOS Numbers Setting Add as required
Multiple Account Support Allow you to setup an account for company user to manage many vehicles
Group Management User can manage the vehicle by setup difference groups
Reporting &Export &Print Overview report, Speeding report, Mileage report, Stop report, ACC ON/OFF report.
SMS Notification Get geo-fence alert by SMS
Real-Time Tracking Track the vehicle by real-time
Location History Replay the location history
SOS Panic Button SOS button
Over Speed Monitoring Monitor the vehicle when it is over speed
Online Vehicle Engine Control Turn on or turn off the engine
Geo-fence Notification Set up a zone to monitor the vehicle enter or exit this zone.
Landmark Mark the new point in the map by yourself
Blind area data supplementary Upload supplementary data around 1000pcs
Compatible with different kinds of GPS vehicles Can be adjusted to support GPS trackers from different manufacturers
Logo and domain customization support. Allow you to have your own platform page and domain
Application applicable to enterprise vehicles fleet management, GPS monitor and manage operator
Mobile equipment Offer software version for Mobile phone
Offline software Offer off-line serial port reading software, and data report downloading
Multi-language support Support multi-language, users can define and modify displaying languages
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  • 1- Real time location / ignition / odometer / fuel / temperature / battery / driver info / engine time / moving time ect  display.
  • 2- Intuitive history playback
  • 3- Multi-function report and scheduled task email report
  • 4- Data Management Center
  • 5- Custom alarm and event services
  • 6- GEO fence alert and  GEO fence real-time status display
  • 7- Camera take picture 
  • 8- Driver rfid and iButton log
  • 9- Email alert and email maintenance
  • 10- User sending command to query or control the asset
  • 11- Voice alert and popup alert prompt



Customer Reviews:

“This GPS is very accurate most of the time, depending on the tracking package you purchase. I placed it under my car and the battery lasted 13 days in temperature near -15 celsius! ,I'm more than satisfied with my purchase, quality/price wise! And don't worry about the strength of the magnet: stays in place no matter how bumpy the drive can be.”

SidAli Guerroudja

“I am going to give this gps top rating, my new electric car was stolen and thanks to this device I was able to find my electric car without the police. The thief also didn't find my gps installation location, the device is still there!.” (zhanweizhi)

Amiin Skin

“Their GPS didn't disappoint me. When I first set up the system, I contacted customer support, who was very helpful, thoughtful and informative. I strongly recommend this company to anyone considering using tracking equipment..”



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