4G Real Time Car Vehicle Tracking Gsm Gprs Devices 4g GPS Tracker

Model: WJ2


Product introduction

  • Multiple Positioning Mode:BDS/GPS/LBS

  • Multiple alarms: low battery alarm, overspeed alarm, parking alarm.

  • ACC detection: vehicle flameout alarm and record driving time.

  • 4G full network communication module, 5 meter positioning accuracy.

  • Multi-vehicle monitoring. Multiple vehicles can be located on the same platform.

  • Factory Direct Sales

  • Free sample

  • Warranty: 3 years

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4G GPS Vehicle Tracker Product Description:

Core Technology
GPS Tracking Device System Is Developed By Our Team, With High Data Security, Strong Platform Practicability, Small Size, Simple Operation And Convenient Installation. 4G GPS Tracking Device Is Very Suitable For Logistics Vehicles, Private Cars, Taxis, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Motorcycles, Etc. To Provide Intelligent Vehicle Terminals


Accurate, Fast , Stable
Our Goal Is To Realize The Accurate,Stable And Fast Interaction Of People And Vehicles With GPS, Helping Users To Grasp The
Vehicle Location Information Anytime And Anywhere. Simple Operation And Convenient Installation Are The Most Important Reasons For Customers To Choose Us!

Daovay produces this 4g gps vehicle tracker, which combines various advantages to be the best car GPS tracker for 2023.

4G GPS Vehicle Tracker Parameters:

Product Name: 4G GSM GPS Tracker
Model: WJ2
Size:  74*26*14mm
Weight: 43.2g
Color: Black
Network standard: 4G
GPS accuracy:  < =5m
Working voltage:  DC9-24v
Positioning mode:  GPS,BDS, LBS
4G Band: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66

4G GPS Vehicle Tracker Product Features:

  • Samsung six-mode positioning mode: BDS/GPS/GNSS/lbs/GSM/GPRS, positioning mode makes fast, accurate, and stable, real time tracking
  • High-Performance Chip: Daovay GSM GPS tracker equipped with SimCom high-performance chip, fast online and stable operation
  • Wide Voltage: WJ1 supports 9-100V, and it is compatible with a variety of installation environments.
  • Small and easy to install: mini size, only need to connect to positive and negative, then the 4g GPS vehicle tracker will online.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and high temperature resistant: IP56 waterproof grade
  • Smartphone alarm: Power failure, speeding, over-zone, vibration, etc., SMS phone alarm
  • Driving behavior analysis report: All kinds of running, speeding, track, length of use, mileage, and other full data records to generate reports
  • Blind Area Recording: When the device passes through the tunnel or no signal area, the device will record itself, positioning the track without interruption
4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

4G GPS Vehicle Tracker Application Scenarios:

Real-time tracking

Update the location every 5 seconds, keep track of it.

Rapid positioning

Provide location services in a timely manner after installation

Track playback

Check your vehicle's history to help you find useful information

Mileage report

It can help you understand how far you have driven

Overspeed alarm

When your speed exceeds the speed you set, it will sound an alarm to remind you to pay attention to safety

Geo fence Alerts

Users can set the range of the geo fence in circles, polygons or custom shapes on the map, and alerts will be issued when device senter or exceed the preset range via APP or SMS

Remotely cut off gas/electricity

Remotely control the vehicle engine through the platform, app or text message to avoid someone driving the vehicle illegally.

Platform/APP/SMS quer

Platform, app, SMS, etc. various methods to check asset status.

4g obd vehicle trackers have a wide range of applications in areas such as vehicle safety, logistics management and fleet management. They can help vehicle owners, logistics companies and operators monitor vehicle locations in real time, improve transportation efficiency, reduce the risk of theft and provide better vehicle scheduling and route planning.

This is a portable GPS tracker that tracks in real time and perfectly presents the location of the vehicle on Google Maps or app software, so you don't have to worry about the exact location of the car. For more car GPS tracker with 4g LTE network, you can contact us to get a discount price.

Customer Reviews:

“This 4g gps vehicle tracker is very accurate most of the time, depending on the tracking package you purchase. I placed it under my car and the battery lasted 13 days in temperature near -15 celsius! ,I'm more than satisfied with my purchase, quality/price wise! And don't worry about the strength of the magnet: stays in place no matter how bumpy the drive can be.”

SidAli Guerroudja

“I am going to give this gps top rating, my new electric car was stolen and thanks to this 4g gps vehicle tracker. I was able to find my electric car without the police. The thief also didn't find my gps installation location, the device is still there!.”

Amiin Skin

“Their 4g obd gps tracker didn't disappoint me. When I first set up the system, I contacted customer support, who was very helpful, thoughtful and informative. I strongly recommend this company to anyone considering using tracking equipment..”



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